32 Weeks Pregnant- Bumpdate and Germ Week 👶🏻🤰🏻

Sooooo, hello and happy Wednesday! This week we are hoping for a week of wellness in our house- Alfie has been poorly for a few weeks now, one week with a Urine infection, the rest of the time with sniffles, snots and general not being well… So as I was changing his nappy the other day, I happened to spy two new huge back teeth, which was a major surprise as he showed no signs of teething… Or so I thought! I thought he had a lingering cold, however it seems more likely now that it’s all of the cutting teeth that has impacted on him like this. It’s still very difficult to coax him to eat meals, and he is still snotty but i’m hoping this week will just be the last of it and we’ll get him back to normal eventually! He is a bit better in himself and I can’t complain as apart from the odd days of being irritable and whiny, he takes illness really well, he just likes to cuddle and sleep which suits me great!! I just feel as though there are germs everywhere and I hate the winter period for bugs and illnesses so i’m on guard and armed with my hand sanitiser and dettol wipes now on an almost constant basis! Luckily, Spring is here finally and i’m hoping with more fresh air around, less heating on at home we can banish the bugs and be germ free very soon! Everything just seems to circulate and when one person gets ill and passes it on, it becomes a cycle that is so dificult to break! I have faith! 

With regards to baby- we are in full pregnancy mode… Third trimester is giving me a good beating and I am so ready to meet this baby now! We are in the 32nd week of pregnancy this week and only 7 weeks to go! As i’m being induced a week earlier… Nerves and major excitement are well and truly kicking in and I can’t wait to meet him!! 

First up, my body feels like I have aged about 60 years and my back and pelvis have given out on me… Pain, pain and more PAIN. All for a good cause though, I remind myself! I feel as though my back wont support me, like it will cave at any moment- there is just no stability there it seems, it’s probably taking some guidance from my brain as that’s not really at its usual stable level either… Then again, is it ever 😉 I feel as though all I do is complain about my back pain, but then I think i’m entitled to have a bit of a moan- cooking babies is bloody hard work! I am walking around like a wounded duck for a lot of the time, so attractive… Combined with the fuzz that has started to cover my stomach, my lopsided waddle, and my fatter, donut shovelling self- Mark’s won himself a right catch with me ha! 

I am experiencing the usual third trimester woes, which in all honesty, I had forgotten were so bad- Heartburn to the extreme, and in my opinion the worst symptom of all- is someone holding a blowtorch to my oesophagus? How can even bland, simple food/drinks give me so much torture? Gaviscon is literally my best friend, bottle for bottle (and I mean a lot of bottles!) that stuff has served me no end! I feel as though maybe they should have offered me a bulk buy discount right about now… Hmm there’s a thought! What adds a little insult, is the old wives tale about women who suffer with heartburn giving birth to babies with glorious heads of hair… Erm, did someone forget to inform my children that this should happen, as we have been informed that baby bump doesn’t really have any hair, and neither did Alfie and yet I was tormented to the extreme with heartburn during his pregnancy as well… Seriously, if all of those old wives tales had any truth, I would be having a girl with a full head of hair apparently- Imagine the situation in 7 weeks time…. Oh dear! Hair is irrelevant to me anyway, my little bald babies are so adorable, hair or no hair my heart is stolen! 

Talking of hair, I’m getting to the “Oh bugger, I best keep everything groomed” stage now ‘Just incase’ I happen to go into labour earlier than my induction date- can’t be having myself all unprepared like that and certainly don’t want to be sitting there with more hair on me than my baby has on its head! Pretty difficult situation regarding that now though, can’t see anything below my bump so it’s all a great challenge! Poor Mark will be getting roped in to give me some assistance soon poor thing, I wonder how far his leg and bits shaving-toenail painting skills stretch? At least I can do my armpits though, now there’s an achievement, something I can do that doesn’t make me feel as though I need an inhaler or bit of oxygen afterwards!! 
Single figure countdown here we go- 7 weeks seems a mile off to be honest, even though I did do a little victory dance at the fact we entered single figures a couple of weeks ago, it still isn’t quite in my immediate reality zone just yet. Ironic really, as I thought when I was writing my first pregnancy blog post that reaching 30 weeks would feel like an eternity when actually it has flown over! I am however, very nervous about the impending induction/birth… In one sense I feel as though I have never done this before and it is all very new to me, then in the next instance, I remember exactly what is coming and that actually isn’t too bad, it’s more the fact of wanting things to be the same as Alfie’s birth because it was a good experience. This is where my anxiety really starts to kick in, i’m a natural born worrier. I have been feeling OK about things really up until now, and just so happens that as I start to sleep less because of aches and pains, I have more hours in the day to lie and over think things which in some ways I feel is a good thing, as I can be organised and prepared… However, it starts to totally take over and it got to the stage with Alfie where I sat in tears in front of my midwife and said I need him in my arms now, I can’t cope with this anymore. Holding your baby, seeing their face and seeing them breathe in front of you is the best reassurance anyone can give you. It got to the stage where no amount of listening to heartbeats, being told things were fine was enough. I needed him here. I am not there yet with this little one, but I can feel myself starting to go over things repeatedly in my head and i’m the world’s worst for googling things I probably shouldn’t! I find pregnancy simultaneously the most exciting, yet stress provoking thing ever… Not being able to see through my own skin to check on my baby whenever I want drives me crazy! 
I’m having a lot of “pressure” in a certain area at the moment, it literally feels like baby wants to escape at any moment or my pelvic floor will just give up and cave! Scares me a bit as I never had this feeling with Alfie until I was actually in labour! It’s all going on and I know my body is gearing itself up for this challenge ahead! My boobs are itchy and achy and just generally feeling heavy and sore which is another little niggle this week. I’ve decided that I will definitely be attempting to breastfeed, hoping all of that goes well and I can establish it without too much drama! If you have read my previous post on breastfeeding, you will know that I couldn’t do it last time for various reasons and that still gets to me so hopefully second time around we will have a bit more luck in that department! It’s something that I really want to have a go at, and although I personally am 100% of the opinion that FED IS BEST, it would be nice to give this a go and just enjoy some extra bonding opportunities with the baby! Alfie was formula fed, and I am totally fine with that, he has thrived from day one so this time, I know that if I can’t breastfeed then that is fine too! I hate the pressure that some women are put under to breastfeed- some women simply don’t want to do it, others can’t do it and either of those things is totally OK! You are in charge of your own body and what happens with it- We are not programmed to be the same and we have different personal situations… It is not right for everyone and as long as mama is doing well and is happy, then I truly believe baby will be happier as well! 

My next pregnancy update will most likely be at 34 weeks so in a couple of weeks time, as that’s when I have my consultant appointment and i’ll have all of the information regarding my induction, baby update etc!
If you have any tips for back pain or any other pregnancy niggles, let me know in the comments! 

Have a great week!

Thanks for reading! 
Much love



Author: AutumnLovingMamaBlog

Alfie's mama, currently pregnant with baby number 2 who is due in June 2017! I live with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety. I'm from the UK and i'm a Mental Health Support Worker, follow me on social media to see more of us! 🍂🍁

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